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What our customers are saying about us

I am e-mailing to praise your technician Troy.  He came out on time, hauled a 300 lb auger into my basement and dug a couple pounds worth of roots out of my main sewer line.  He is a hard-working guy, and you should be proud to have him working for you.

Thanks Reddi Services


I can't say enough about how professional the technician was who came out to handle my problem, He was very careful in my home, a very kind and considerate person and great representation of Reddi Root'r. I will be referring others to Reddi Root'r because of the great exeperience that I had with the services that Reddi Root'r provided.

Mrs Schuchter

I couldn't get my regular company to come out the same day, so I had called your company.  This was the best experience for such a bad situation.  The gentleman that came out identified a problem the other company never dealth with, he fixed it and took the time to explain what and why he had to do it that way and educated me on how septic tanks work.  Which makes me a better consumer. So the next time I'll know what is going on... but then, you have my business forever.  Thank you very much.

Debbie C.

I have never had to call a plumber on a weekend or a holiday, but I was very pleased with the professionalism and speed used in my case. The plumber was on-time, professionally dressed, and very competent. It was a big relief. I did not feel that the charge was excessive considering he had to make the emergency call on both a Sunday and a Holiday. Thank you.

Mrs. Howard

We had Jm P. come out on march 31, 2009 to clean out of septic tank. he was very helpful in assisting with our problems. Not only did he clean out our septic but he help us with scheduling a appointment to get someone to clean out our plugged drain and also to give us a estimate on our drainage system. Thank you so much Reddi Root'r you more than helpful.

Shari P.

Thank you for you service Roberto did a good job thanks.

Jorge Perez